We offer a range of treatments to assist you with many different illnesses such as Back pain, injuries, digestive issues, immunity, stress, anxiety and Fatigue. We incorporate many traditional techniques such as Acupuncture, Cupping, Moxibustion and Massage in our services.

  • A system of complementary medicine in which fine needles are inserted in the skin at specific points lines of energy (meridians), for the treatment of various physical and mental conditions.

  • Utilising specialised glass cups and fire to create a suction and remove stasis and stagnation.

  • Acupressure massage to relieve soreness, increase blood flow and to assist in recovery.

  • Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine Formulas to keep you feeling healthy and energised.

  • Low level Laser to stimulate healing. Safe for Children, Infants and clients with needle phobia.

  • Antibacterial bees wax candle to balance the pressure in the ear, remove wax and fight infection.

  • Acupuncture with the aid of a stimulating device also known as a Tens machine .

  • Using a scraping device along the muscle to stimulate toxin removal clear stasis and move stagnation.

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Our Team

We strive to provide you with excellent service, the latest methods in treatments and lasting results.

  • Dr Luan Pham

    A chinese medicine practitioner with over 17 years experience. I have special interest in treating pain and trauma, muscular conditions, sporting injuries. As well as insomnia, fatigue, digestive disorders, weight-loss, and skin conditions. My passions include, Chinese medicine, Buddhism, Karate, travel and gardening.

  • Samantha Law

    Samantha is a registered acupuncturist and Chinese herbal medicine practitioner who is passionate about holistic health and wellbeing. Growing up, Samantha experienced many health setbacks from skin conditions such as eczema, urticaria and pompholyx, countless common colds, insomnia, asthma, food sensitivities, injuries and more. This has allowed her to develop a great appreciation for having optimal health and has led her to believe that having good health is one of your greatest gifts. Driven by her compassion and empathy, Samantha aims to provide high quality health care to help individuals achieve optimal health and wellbeing. She believes that everyone has a right to receiving health care. In her spare time, she volunteers as an acupuncturist at Ozanam House Community Centre and at Windana Drug and Rehabilitation Centre, focusing on addiction cessation, pain management, relieving insomnia, stress and anxiety. Samantha completed her five-year double degree at Melbourne’s RMIT University, spending her last semester interning in China's Jiangsu Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital. She strives to utilise her clinical experiences in Melbourne and China and continues to learn and understand both traditional and modern day approaches to Chinese and Western medicine. This allows her to provide an integrative approach to her treatments. Samantha is an accredited practitioner under the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia and is a member of AACMA.

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