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Acuharmony Acupuncture Clinic

3/313 Little Collins St Melbourne 3000

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Our resident and locum practitioners practitioners are professionally trained with degrees in Acupuncture and some in herbs as well. Fantastic.


We can start a treatment program suited just right for you. Which includes an assessment, diagnosis and treatment all within the single session. You will be amazed at our range of health services available to you. Including acupuncture, cupping and massage. We are always ready to take new appointments today. Click the call button to make an appointment today or send us a message through our contacts page. Thank you.

  • A method of inserting superfine fine sterile needles into various Acupuncture points located around the body. Used as an traditional form of medicine in throughout the provinces of south east Asia for thousands of years. Our clinic uses sterile single use only needles with super fine tips that allow for a less pain stimulating acupuncture points. Points are usually retained for 25 or so minutes. some points may let out a little bit of blood and this is quite normal. There may be some light itching or tingling sensations around the site for a day or so.

  • Fire cupping involves the use of a fire utensil and glass circular cups that are placed on the body in various muscular regions along the back arms or legs to facilitate a pulling of the muscle skin and facia into the cup. This allows any stasis or stagnation of the tissue to be pulled through and dissolved through the lymphatic system. Big circular marks are common to see after such a treatment and may take up to 2 weeks to see markings dissipate.

  • Massage is one of the most earliest forms of medicine known on earth. It is through the manipulation of hand techniques over various muscles helps the body recover and loosens tight muscles over the body. It is great for neck, shoulder and back tension or pain. It is great for sore legs and pain in the feet. It has many benefits and can help you recover faster after events.

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Our aim is to provide the best most effective treatments tailored to you. We make sure that we thoroughly assess you and provide suitable treatment for your condition. We offer unbeatable prices for you so you can afford to have multiple sessions to help you overcome your condition.


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Practitioner Bio

  • Dr Luan Pham – Bachelor of Health Sciences in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. (Workcover and TAC recognised provider). – AHPRA Registered.

    Dr. Luan Pham graduated from Victoria University's north-western suburbs in Melbourne back in 2002. Those early years of training at an Australian acupuncture university was important, as it allowed acupuncture to be finally come to the forefront of traditional forms of healing; especially acupuncture and its applications. He is proud to be working along the best of his field here in Melbourne's central business district. He strives to provide the best care as he can for all his clientele and has over 18 years of experience to date. He loves to read, study and improve his skills in Acupuncture and life in general. Helping others is the greatest gift possible. Luan says he enjoys helping people with health issues, allowing people to learn more about Chinese medicine. Luan believes that Chinese Medicine is continually advancing into this modern era it shows no sign of slowing down with more and more people turning to traditional Chinese forms of medicine. Spending time with his family, traveling, karate and soccer are some of his favorite hobbies and past times.

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