Sometimes clients ask me me what is the most common ailment that i see in my clinic and it comes as no surprise that shoulder and back pain ranks as number 1. Statistics from the National Health Survey show about 3.7 million Australians (16% of the population) have back problems. It is estimated that 70–90% of people will suffer from lower back pain in some form at some point in their lives. To me that is incredibly high. It is with our intention to help people ease their back pain problems.

Every week i see a good handful of clients with back issues. I don’t know whether it’s because i enjoy treating muscular conditions, or that i have a good reputation treating it, or if it has to do with all the office workers who constantly sit for endless hours behind their desks. Regardless of cause; acupuncture, cupping and massage are my go to methods for treating this problem.

3 tips to help reduce your back pain today.

  1. Move. If your ain’t moving it you ain’t loosing it. A lot of back pain is seen as stagnation of chi (energy) within the muscles. This causes blockages to build up over time and cause back pain. That’s why there are many cases where back pain feels better for a patient after walking or moving during the day. Try do a few light stretches through out the day to see if it improves. This works well for dull ache back pain. If the pain is more acute or sharp due to an injury or disc problem it is best to leave it alone or seek professional advise.
  2. Rub. Pressing your thumbs or palm over a tight area of a back also helps move a stagnation in the back and release tightness in the area. I recommend a circular pressing motion on affected areas. You can also rub magnesium oil/gel over the back pain or some cream that contains menthol to warm up the area.
  3. Heat. There are many therapists who recommend ice for back pain and i think that’s pretty silly, ice is only good for the initial stages of trauma or swelling due to injury and strain. If the back pain is a buildup of tension and stress on the muscle, you may find that a heat pack or a hot water bottle placed over the area for 10 – 15 minutes can be of great benefit. If you have no heat pack or hot water bottle you can use an ordinary drink bottle filled with warm water as a substitute. Don’t use boiling water as this may burn.

Otherwise if all those tips didn’t work or you prefer someone to treat you while you relax and enjoy getting worked on, i will be happy to give a treatment for you at the clinic.

Dr Luan Pham.

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