I would like to give out some information that may be helpful to you if you wish to make an appointment with me. I am only at this stage practicing 3 days per week out in the CBD. Which at this stage is Monday Wednesday and Friday.

Please note of new measures to show you are capably adhering to government policy in regards to social distancing and masks. We have masks available for you if you feel the need to have one.

Contactless pickup is also available for any patients who may require a patented herb formula to take.

If you do happen to drop by, please bear in mind the need to wear the appropriate attire and approved mask as treatment will require a break from the 1.5m social distance rule. I can provide a mask upon request also. I am also free for a chat if you have any questions.

Thankyou friend I hope and pray that you have a happy and peaceful day.

Dr Luan Pham (bch Health Sci TCM).

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