If you ever find yourself in the situation where you’ve caught the big See Oh Vee (Covid-19). I’m honestly praying that you don’t but alas if it does happen to be so accidentally, I do have some tips which might help you see through the ordeal.

Please note: I always recommend seeking great specialist guidance for your well being and this should be a treatment that is only used in accordance with your own medical advice that you have been given ie. G.P or other).

Anyway lets get on with the cooking show.

All you need is 3 simple ingredients. You can easily get them at your local and large Asian grocery market.

They are:

  1. Coconut Water (Fresh or 100% natural).
  2. Ginger.
  3. Rock Sugar. (not palm or white processed).

Thats it! How easy is that?

“Prepare these 3 ingredients and sip it multiple times a day whilst warm for best results.”

Once you have the ingredients. And here is the trickiest of parts. Lets hope that someone was able to get it for you and drop it so ever so kindly at the door. Or if you ever ever so lucky to have them on hand. Because your in Iso right? All right. You will need to boil-up the ingredients in pot and brew the herbal tea until the ingredients are infused.

Step one. Heat 1 L of coconut water with some freshly sliced ginger in the pot and add 2 or 3 teaspoons of the rock sugar in the pot.

The Coconut water is a great electrolyte and and will hydrate you when you are sick. At this point you probably wont even be hungry.

The Ginger will help break up any mucous, settle the stomach and is a great herb to boost the immume system.

and finally rock sugar which will give the spleen a quick boost to transform and transport the phlegm or mucous in the body and helping resolve any earth imbalances (Spleen/Stomach) disharmony creating. The spleen likes small amounts of sugars and excessive amounts especially in large amounts are not recommended. For if the spleen/stomach is not resolved the illness will be long and lasting.

Once you have made this wonderful brew you can

Take small sips throughout the day for best results. Trust in the process.

Rest well and recover. 14 days in quarantine ain’t no fun. Don’t stress, just sip it till its finished for the day. Make another batch for the next day and have that hot for breakfast too. Breath slowly and relax. We are not out of the woods as yet but we will persevere as always.

May you all be filled with great guidance and wisdom.

Namo Tassa

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