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About our Acupuncture

Its all about the yin and the yang.

Acupuncture a method by which this sterile needles are placed into various points along the body. It is a system of medicine back thousands of years. with origins in the East Asian counties. It is said to align the body, move blockages, tonify weakness, drain dampness and purge the excess’s.

Why our Acupuncture matters.

Over the many years i have practiced and have observed, it is without doubt that acupuncture is truly amazing and wonderful form of traditional medicine. ~Dr. Luan Pham.

We at Acuharmony strive to give you the most pleasant and most precise treatment. Our aim is to make you feel better through use of traditional Chinese medical methods . We place great emphasis on  assessment, diagnosis and point selection to allow the body to quickly relax, revive and replenish through the practice of wisdom as taught by Masters of Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners past and present.

History of Acupuncture

               A traditional form of Chinese medicine that has been in practice for over thousands of years. A method of fine needling done along meridians or points on the body via a set of acupuncture point system. A treatment will consist of diagnosis, examination and treatment all in one session. We look for changes to the body’s qi pronounced as Chi or Ki as well as blood and or fluid metabolism or fluid in general. We examine your digestion, sleep, energy and emotional state. This will give us a clear indication as to where the disharmony may occur.  Our clinic uses sterile single use only needles with super fine tips that allow for a less pain during  Points are usually retained for 25  to 45 or so minutes. Some points may let out a little bit of blood and this is quite normal. There may be some light itching or tingling sensations around the site for a day or so. Acupuncture will involve a full assessment and diagnosis of your signs and symptoms. 


Acupuncture utilises fine sterile stainless steel needles which are placed in various acupuncture points in the body. These points help the movement of qi (energy) and assist in unblocking or energy tonification.  Needles are stimulated to obtain a slight tingling or numbing what is referred to as (de-qi – energy activation). This stimulation will cause the body to react to the stimulation and cause organs in the body to activate and bring about change.


It is said that the body becomes ill or sick if the flow of energy around the body is disrupted. Energy in the body can be disrupted in many different ways. There may be insufficient Qi or Energy. It may be deficient in blood and or fluids. It may even have blockages of energy or blood thus causing pain symptoms to arise. There may be numerous factors that contribute to ill health so it is best to go through a diagnosis first.

Our practitioner will assess your bodies condition by asking about the patients signs and symptoms. The pulse is then felt on both wrists to feel for imbalances.  Lastly the practitioner will look at the tongue to gauge how the body is assimilating food, fluid and whether it is full of energy or not. (As a safety precaution please note all tongue diagnosis’s will be suspended during covid)

Once a diagnosis has been made the practitioner will write up a treatment formula and decide which points to select to best treat the condition and help bring the body back into balance.  There are many different methods of treatment including Acupuncture, Cupping, Gua Sha, Blood Letting and Moxibustion.

Once a diagonosis is made you may be given a series of treatments or some herbal formulas to take home to consume on a day to day basis until your condition has improved.

The amount of treatments that you require depends on the condition. Usually a few treatments will usually suffice  and a herbal prescription otherwise for more chronic conditions we might see 10 to 20 treatments being done. Otherwise a series of treatments and/or program is required.

If you wish to find out more you may click on our simple online booking form below. 

You can make an Acupuncture booking with us right here. 



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