Acupuncture and its quest for balance and harmony within you.

Towards the end of my V.C.E back in 1996, little did i know that i would be propelled into this field otherwise known as Chinese medicine and discover something that would shake up my entire universe. This whole notion of health, body and self, it would quickly take on a new meaning. Something that made me ask myself. Is this physical body of ours capable of healing itself through acupuncture? by means of this simple thin needle? no thicker then a human hair. It still amazes me to this day, that apart from its its simplicity, its style, its beauty, its actions in the treatment of a wide range of illness and conditions.

This little secret called ‘acupuncture’ seemed to allude me during my earlier years as a small Vietnamese boy growing up here in Melbourne.  I had visited many clinics as a child but I had no idea at that time that destiny would perhaps give me a small glimpse of what my true purpose and vision was to be until now. Regardless of  where this profound light source came from or where it intends to take me. I have found my true passion and calling though the practice of acupuncture. A system of medicine that did not appear in the early 20th century but has been practiced primarily in China and of east/s.e Asia for over a thousand years.  Yes in deed. Wow!

It has always been my dream to help others using acupuncture and Chinese medicine treatments. And now i am fortunate to give to you ‘Acuharmony acupuncture clinic’.

“A place where acupuncture, health and harmony meet”.  A clinic right here in the middle of Melbourne’s city.  

Learn the history and the development of Chinese Medicine in the west. Learn how different points effect the body if different ways.

Develop an understanding of heath through the lens of the people of Asian decent and how to preserve lift so that we may live long, healthy and sustain happiness.

Our treatments are designed for maximum comfort, as painless as possible whilst providing excellent care and value for the customer. We acknowledge that everyone is different  and with due care hope to see you through your health needs.

Acuharmony Acupuncture Clinic is Melbourne’s most renowned acupuncture clinic. We have been helping people and communities for over 18 years.

About acupuncture

Acupuncture utilises fine sterile stainless steel needles which are placed in various acupuncture points in the body. These points help the movement of qi (energy) and assist in unblocking or energy tonification.  Needles are stimulated to obtain a slight tingling or numbing what is referred to as (de-qi – energy activation). This stimulation will cause the body to react to the stimulation and cause organs in the body to activate and bring about change.

It is said that the body becomes ill or sick if the flow of energy around the body is disrupted. Energy in the body can be disrupted in many different ways. There may be insufficient Qi or Energy. It may be deficient in blood and or fluids. It may even have blockages of energy or blood thus causing pain symptoms to arise. There may be numerous factors that contribute to ill health so it is best to go through a diagnosis.

Our practitioners will assess the bodies condition by looking at signs and asking about the patients symptoms. The pulse is then felt on both wrists to feel for imbalances.  Lastly the practitioner will look at the tongue to gauge how the body is assimilating food, fluid and whether it is full energy or not.

Once a diagnosis has been made the practitioner will write up a treatment formula and decide which points to select to best treat the condition and help bring the body back into balance.  There are many different methods of treatment including Acupuncture, Cupping, Gua Sha, Blood Letting and Moxibustion.

The amount of treatments that you require depends on the condition. Many cases only require one or two sessions. Otherwise a series of treatments and/or program is required. You can ask further questions by clicking this link.

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