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Cupping orginating in China thousands of years ago. Is a treatment that is adopted by many households especially around Asia and the middle east.  Cupping uses fire placed into circular glass cups which is quickly placed on the back or legs. The air inside the cup quickly cools and creates a vacuum pulling the skin slightly into the cup. 

This suction causes the blood in the muscles and vessels to be pulled into the superficial layers of skin. This inturn helps move stagnation and stasis of the blood in the muscle and increases circulation of blood through the muscle and channels in the body.  It also helps remove tension of muscle and facia. 

Cupping may leave red or purplish colored spots on the skin which look like bruises. These spots are not painful to the touch but can feel tingling or itchy just after treatment. It may take a few days till a couple of weeks for the coloration to completly disapear. 

The coloration of the cupping marks also help to determine the type of illness. We list the most comon.  

Red – Internal heat, fever, toxicity.

Purple – Stasis and blockage and poor circulation.

Dark Purple – Chronic conditions and severe stasis. 

Pale Pink – Cold, Poor circulation, Blood deficientcy. 

Cupping has been known to help with many conditions including; 

Neck, shoulder and back pain. Headaches and Migraines. Cold/Flu and toxicity. Leg pain and restless leg syndrome. Calf and hamstring tightness.

Cupping is a fantastic way to keep the body in great shape by making sure that no blockages and tension builds up in the body.

We have therapists who are specially trained in cupping therapy. It is essential that you get cupping that is done by a qualified practitioner because there is a chance that infection, blister or burns may occur if it is not done by a trained therapist. We at acuharmony utilise safe cupping techniques and fully qualified to do so. 

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