Feet and Hand Reflexology

To understand the body is to understand its connection to the limbs. It is a fascinating topic to even the most renowned of Acupuncturists. As we see both the internal and external relationships we see it in action through the channels and meridians as manifesting pain. The hand and feet contain many nerve endings for touch sense and heat source sense. These channels my become blocked by cold, stasis, damp – heat or poor qi flow in the body.

In order to treat a condition by reflexology we use the foot as a diagnostic tool. Checking points of head neck back and body that corresponds on the feet for general pain. We think where is this pain what zone or area does it cover. Is it organ related or is it more shoulder and rota-tor cuff issue? We check all points including digestive liver and kidney. Points are pressed firmly to induce a reaction in client this will correspond as tenderness. There is usually more then one point that is tender.

Treatment will last for 20 minutes and both feet treated.

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