How to make booking

How to make a booking.

Firstly you need to select the date and time available slots.

Only slots that are green will be available. A white block means it is filled.

You can select quarterly hour time slots also. First Select the hour 00:00 then minutes 00:15.

Please check times before and after your desired time to see if that treatment will fit in that space.

If you cannot make that appointment or an error occurs it means that you have overlapped another treatment or that the treatment time is not available.

Make sure your appointment time can fit in the allocated slot.

Know how long you require a treatment for.


30 minute acupuncture – Requires 30 min block.

45 minute acupuncture – Requires 45 min block.

1 hour acupuncture – Requires 1 hour block.

Cupping, Reflexology or Ear candling – Requires 30 minute block.

1 hour massage special – Requires 1 hour block.

1 hour massage and cupping special – Requires 1 hour 30 minutes block.

1 hour massage and reflexology – Requires 1 hour 30 minutes block.

After your treatment selection. Please input your Name, and Registered Email and Phone Number.

You will receive a confirmation email from us with the details of your appointment.

If you have trouble booking you can contact us by clicking on the call button.

or call 0416 162 881 and we will make the appointment for you.

otherwise you can make a booking here.