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To all my dear friends and family.

I would like to give out some information that may be helpful to you if you wish to make an appointment with me. I am practicing 4 days per week. Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays by appointment only. This is also available during lock-downs as Acupuncture has been approved as an ‘essential’ service approved by our governing bodies. Please go here and select Acupuncture 30 – 45 – 60 minute services and i will be be able to help you there.

or book right here below.

You must click on [complete order] when you see you booking #ID Number


If you do happen to drop by, please bear in mind the need to wear looser clothing and have a light snack an hour or two before arrival. You may text me of your arrival with “In waiting room” to 0416162881.

Please be aware of new the new Covid-19 measures we have made in place in and around the shared spaces of the waiting room. Checki-in at the lobby with QR code. Masks are available upon request and will be handed out freely.

Contact less pickup is also available for any patients who may require a patented herbal formula to take. This will only occur during lock-downs and any herbs or tcm product will be handed over at entrance only.

I am also free for a chat if you have any questions or you may call me directly on 0416 162 881 during business hours.

Dr Luan Pham (bch Health Sci TCM).

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