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We have a diverse range of treatments available here at Acuharmony.

Acupuncture: A traditional form of Chinese medicine that has been in practice for over thousands of years. A method of fine needing done along meridians or points along the human body via a set of acupuncture point system. A treatment will consist of diagnosis, examination and treatment all in one session. Our clinic uses sterile single use only needles with super fine tips that allow for a less pain during  Points are usually retained for 25  to 45 or so minutes. some points may let out a little bit of blood and this is quite normal. There may be some light itching or tingling sensations around the site for a day or so. Acupuncture will involve a full diagnosis and assessment of your signs and symptoms.

Cupping: Fire cupping involves the use of a fire utensil and glass circular cups that are placed on the body in various muscular regions along the back arms or legs to facilitate a pulling of the muscle skin and facia into the cup. This allows any stasis or stagnation of the tissue to be pulled through and dissolved through the lymphatic system. Big circular marks are common to see after such a treatment and may take up to 2 weeks to see markings dissipate.

Massage: Massage is one of the most earliest forms of medicine known on earth. It is through the manipulation of hand techniques over various muscles helps the body recover and loosens tight muscles over the body. It is great for neck, shoulder and back tension or pain. It is great for sore legs and pain in the feet.
It has many benefits and can help you recover faster after events.

Gua Sha (Scaping): A treatment of the muscular regions of the neck and back an instrument like a spoon or coin to illicit light bruising to help facilitate movement of stagnant blood within tissue walls of muscle remove inflammation and create a path for oxygenated blood to flow in and create an environment to assist in healing. It is practiced in many forms throughout s.e Asia today.

Ear Candling: Ear candling also called ear coning or thermal auricular therapy is used as a form treatment to assist with normal ear functioning. The ear itself is self cleaning and doesn’t usually require any human intervention. The ear wax itself is an antibacterial and anti fungal and usually just falls out of the ear on its own accord. In some cases however the ear wax may infact become too waxy and stick to the walls of the ear and cause blockages. An ear canal that becomes blocked with ear wax can cause earaches infections and other problems.

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